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Praise You 2019 Wrap Up [here]


Lusid Art and UNE PIECE bring to you a body of work with the power to make a difference – Praise You

Illuminating the complex subject of women’s body image, self-confidence and female support in the creative community by appreciating and empowering all elements of the female form through visual art. Praise You has become recognised as one of Australia’s largest female art shows, showcasing the work of women from across the globe.

Since 2017, Praise You has raised over $13,000 for The Butterfly Foundation to go towards much needed resources, along with immeasurable awareness for the work and message of Butterfly.

Celebrating body positivity and female support in the creative community.
Presented by Lusid Art & UNE PIECE. Proudly supporting The Butterfly Foundation.  


About Butterfly

Understanding | SERVICES | Support Butterfly

The Butterfly Foundation has been the national peak organisation for eating disorders and negative body image since 2002. In a society where so much focus is put on how we look and the size and shape that we are, BF strives to provide support and recovery based resources for those affected by eating disorders by recognising that these eating disorders often arise from poor body image. BF offer a range of support services such as ED HOPE which provides phone, email and on line counseling support, the intensive “Outpatient Program” for eating disorders as well as a financial recovery program and working through schools. Throughout its work BF emphasises the critical importance of prevention and early intervention strategies in limiting the development of, and experience of, negative body image and eating disorders.



Discover your new favourite artists. Get to know the women of Praise You through sharing their journey and ideals on body image and supporting within the community.




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