Photo by Markus Ravik

Photo by Markus Ravik

Praise You illuminates the complex subject of women’s body image, self confidence and empowerment by appreciating all elements of the female form through visual art. Praise You has become recognised as one of Australia’s largest female art shows, showcasing the work of over 50 female creatives from across the globe.

Since 2017, Praise You has raised over $13,000 for The Butterfly Foundation, Australia’s leading national foundation for negative body image and eating disorders. These donations to go towards much needed resources, along with immeasurable awareness for the work and message of Butterfly.

In 2017 Praise You was created by Alex Saba (Lusid Art) as a homage to learning to love her body, as well as paying tribute to her amazing support network. In 2018, Alex and Carly Brown (UNE PIECE) joined forces, to bring Praise You to Brisbane with a shared mission to inspire and empower women, shining the light on body image and diversity and women celebrating women.

Year after year women, men and children experience Praise You, leaving empowered, confident in their own skin and embracing their unique beauty. Praise You continues to educate and celebrate the shift in conversation within the community towards females uplifting and supporting one another and diversity within the community through a stellar lineup of artworks from leading creative women that presents feminine strength and confidence in a positive light.

As Co-Founders of Praise You, Alex and Carly continue to work towards building a legacy of support and celebration whilst raising fund and awareness for The Butterfly Foundation.