We would love to know more about you! Could you please introduce yourself and share a hidden talent or something most people don’t know about you.

I’m Alice Glascott, I go under Aluna for my art practice and I’m also kind of good at baking. I don’t do it a lot but when it’s needed I’m good. 

What does body confidence mean to you? Is it something you’ve ever struggled with and why? 

This is going to sound super sappy but how I’ve come to understand body confidence is by telling myself my body and its assets are so much more than their appearance. Thinking things like ‘my chest carries a beautiful heart that feels emotions so deeply helping me be creative’ instead of ‘fuck I wish I had bigger tits’ or ‘my eyes see beautiful things that inspire me to make visual works’ instead of wishing my facial features looked completely different. 

Like most women I do still struggle with understanding body confidence, it’s such a complex thing to come to terms with when our minds can be so fucking mean to us and trick you into thinking parts and bits you were born with and developed are ugly or bad when they’re just a natural part of a weird meat vessel that is capable of creating and feeling and learning, which is so much more interesting and impactful. 

Your work is inspired by a lot of political issues going on in the world - can you share more about this creative path?

It’s not a path I really had to think about too much, I just figured what’s the point of just making pretty pictures or works that apply to me when there’s so much fucked up stuff going on in the world. It’s frustrating how hopeless the current state of the world can make you feel the least I could do is use my field to illustrate some kind of awareness around these issues. 

Can you please share a little about how you go into creating artwork and how you’d describe your style?

I feel as though I’m all over the place when it comes to my style because I like to go back and forth experimenting with different looks but I’ve always been drawn to fine ink lines and detail. A friend of mine once said she could always tell a work was mine if it had exposed breasts and big eyes, another said he’d describe my style as femme violent meaning I had a very afeminate touch while being harsh and dark at the same time. I like the latter better because it sounds more poetic. 

Do you tend to create from personal experience or from observing the experiences of others?

When it comes to political works some of them are purely from observing the injustices of others but I find personal ties in most things I do. 

What message do you have for those who are struggling with body confidence/self-love/weight or appearance issues? – What’s helped you in the past?

Okay so I know I touched on it briefly before that reminding myself my body is functioning in ways that allow me to create, improve my brain and take in lots of interesting experiences around me is a huge one for me but sometimes you do just get stuck in those negative thought patterns of thinking ‘WHY IS THIS PART OF ME LIKE THIS? WHY CAN’T IT BE DIFFERENT.’ 

Something my mum told me when I was in one of those moments is that all of your features, your skin tone, the reason why your eyes, nose, cheeks, mouth are shaped the way they are, the quirks in your body are all genetic from her and my dad as well as their parents and their grandparents and grandparents before them. Basically your genetics tell a story of how your family came together at points in time that’s led you to look the way you do and I think that’s mind blowing. 

What inspires your style of art? What are the best ways you've found that have refined your practice?

Honestly watching a shitload of anime’s as a kid and admiring the illustrations and animation was the biggest impact starting off, it’s just gone from there. Love you Yu Gi Oh. 

Do you have any mantras or words to live by?

Things change too fast to stick to one but if I had to choose probably live, love, laugh. 

What advice what you give your 18-year-old self if you could?

 Artists don’t make a lot of money. 


How has your work and practice developed over time?

I’m constantly reminding myself my art making process turns out the most satisfying when I let it be effortless and carefree so I’m just becoming more confident in that the longer I practice. I’m naturally a careful person, so it’s a big one for me.


Who’s work are you currently loving right now and why?

My friend Mimi Libro. She creates very femme based spunky characters and her work ethic and confidence in her medium has taught me heaps about growing trust in your own unique style. Basically even if you get sick of how your works turn out if it’s original to you from you then that’s a huge success and I owe that to Mimi. Her instagrams @grem_mim if you want to check out her spunk by the way. 

Since Praise You started in 2017 we’ve started to see a shift in the conversation with creative women, being more open about their journey and eliminating competition - Have you noticed this yourself and have you ever dealt with competition?

Yeah I have and I can’t say I’m a competitive person, I went to an all girls catholic school which promoted a ridiculous amount of competitiveness amongst students but I was so out of it. It made me anxious and restless so the way I dealt with it was too retreat in my own little world of drawing and would only have competition with myself just trying to make works that seemed satisfying to me. I’d say I’m still like that today and try to remind myself regularly that everyone’s in their own timeline and even if I don’t like one of my projects there’s more time to improve.