Apart from creating wonderful artworks - any other hidden talents we should know about? Also, can you please introduce yourself?
I’m a photographer from Sydney. I can eat mandarins whole.

What are you working on at the moment? Any big plans coming up?
Trying to get outta here! Would love to make it back to New York or visit Europe for the first time.

What’s it like being a woman in the creative industry? Do you find that it has its challenges at times?
I do my best to take myself out of situations where I think my gender will be an issue, I think I’ve been pretty lucky so far but do make an effort to take control of the crowd in which I choose to surround myself.

What’s your favourite part about your body and why?
I love fingers, they can do everything.

What’s your idea of empowerment?
Empowerment is independence and self-respect.

When it comes to female support – what comes to mind for you?
I think supporting female artists is a wonderful thing but it should be neutral and revolve around the admiration for the art and less influenced by the artist’s gender.

Do you have any mantras or words to live by?
Be nice, take it easy and everything happens for a reason.

What advice what you give your 18-year-old self if you could?
I think I would keep my mouth shut, stifle some laughs and just let it happen.

What’s been one of your most memorable jobs?
Shooting in New York earlier in the year to work on a piece for Tiffany and Co. was something I wouldn’t have dared to even dream of.

As you’ve gotten older – how has your perception of your body and confidence changed?
You come to realise there are so many more important and pressing issues to devote your thoughts to.

Social media has seemed to normalize showing your body off (quite a lot) publicly now – Do you think it’s affecting body image positively or negatively?
I think there is a valuable and worthwhile lesson in perspective, being able to recognise what is real and understanding what matters.

WEBSITE: www.daphnenguyen.com
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/daphnenguyen__/
EMAIL: hello@daphnenguyen.com

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