Could you please introduce yourself and share any hidden talents or something most people wouldn’t know about you?
My name is Lisa Dino and I work under the name ‘Elroseabel’ as a multidiscplinary artist and designer. Don’t know if this counts as a hidden talent but I’m really good at guessing the exact song my Spotify playlist is going to play next when it’s on shuffle and I have thousands of saved songs.

Where do you see yourself and your art headed in the next few years?
It’d be a dream to take my work overseas and be part of cool exhibitions with my favourite artists.

What are you working on at the moment? Any big plans coming up?
The Bloopi is my most recent original character that has received a lot of positive attention and I’ve been releasing Bloopi designs as merch in my shop but hoping to turn the character into a plush toys or collectible vinyls.


Have you been met with any challenges as an artist along the way? (Personally or professionally)
Professionally, there’s always a challenge, everyday something new hits me but I honestly enjoy the challenge. It’d be boring otherwise! Personally, I’ve struggled with staying creative while running an online store and working full time as a graphic designer. I’m always complaining how time poor I am when in reality I’m just being lazy or unmotivated to create.

What does body confidence mean to you? Is it something you’ve ever struggled with and why?
Like most younger females, I’ve had my insecurities about my physical appearance but the older I get and the more mature I become, I’ve grown more and more comfortable with the body I live in. I like to think that I create art as a way of expressing self love and being confident as a unique individual.

Can you please share a little about how you go into creating artwork and how you’d describe your style?
These days, most of my work derives from sketches on an ipad pro, however I like to break out into other mediums every now and then too like painting with gouache. My visual style is intentionally girly but I never go full Barbie. I like to keep it cute and badass all at once.

Do you tend to create from personal experience or from observing the experiences of others?
A bit of both. I’m inspired by a lot of music and sometimes just the mood I’m in.

What’s it like being a woman in the creative industry? Do you find that it has its challenges at times?
Last year I had been invited to multiple art shows that included a line up of both male and female artists. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen it outweighed by one gender. Might just be a Melbourne thing but the art scene here is so accepting of everyone from anywhere. I’ve met and seen many female artists killing it here and even on social media, there’s SO many amazingly talented women out there. I personally don’t feel the struggle as a female artist in the industry, maybe because I’m yet to encounter that imbalance or intimidation by males but I’m a strong believer in equality and I think it’s a lot more freeing and motivating to become a successful female artist because of the larger creative community we have access to online.

What’s your favourite part about your body and why?
My neck or my nose. My neck is quite petite compared to the rest of me and my nose laughs along with me when I laugh.

What’s your idea of empowerment?
Having enough confidence to make change.

What message do you have for those who are struggling with body confidence/self-love/weight or appearance issues? – What’s helped you in the past?
Never feel ashamed of loving yourself. I use to mistakenly see self-love as a form of narcissism but that’s not at all true when you really accept yourself and your body.

Praise You isn’t just about raising awareness for eating disorders and celebrating body positivity – it’s also shining the light on female support in the creative community, in saying that, what does inclusivity and its importance mean to you?
I think it’s awesome to be a part of an all female lineup as it coincides with my belief of women should empower other women. Confidence is a trait that can be built from the support of peers and not just from personal experiences.

What inspires your style of art? What are the best ways you've found that have refined your practice?
I create what I envision or daydream of. I have an over imaginative mind so it can come naturally at times but I’m never inspired by just one thing. Colours in my day to day life is inspiring. The best way for me to create something new and original is to not overthink it and just do it without forcing myself to.

Your dream job/project/collaboration – tell us about it? (Have you already worked your dream job?)
My dream collaboration for a long time was with Jordan Debney, a talented artist from New Zealand who shares very similar visual aesthetics as myself. Fortunately the collaboration did in fact happen (2017) and now we share a life together in Melbourne!

What the biggest risk you’ve taken to date? What were the pressure points and was it worth it?
Moving cities with barely any income and becoming completely independent as a freelance designer with no boss, no accountant and no agent. It was tough but I’m proud of myself now for packing up and just doing it. I’ve accomplished a lot more than I ever anticipated. It’s really worked out!

How do you keep up your creative momentum? Where do you look to for the drive to create?
Breaks! Liminal space. You need time away from creating especially if it’s a full time job. I’ve found that I am more motivated when I’ve had proper time off and not just a few minutes break.

How has your work and practice developed over time?
I’ve grown up a lot in the past year and with that my art has also progressed faster than I expected. I’m content with my style and my work ethic whereas two years ago I was always trying to establish my own style and constantly trying to separate myself from other artists instead of comparing. It’s a good feeling when you finally find your individual style.

Who’s work are you currently loving right now and why?
Sheep Chen @sheep.chen - Their scale of work and amount of colours used in every piece is so incredible. It’s another level of art to me.

Social media has been on a pretty interesting journey over the past few years - where do you see it now as opposed to two years ago?
It’s bitter sweet. Great for the creative community and discovering new artists but the seriousness of relying on social media for exposing and advertising your work is ridiculous to me. The fact I have to plan my posts like it’s a work schedule is so bizzare and I could potentially become an Instagram influencer if I quit my day job (I’m still lost on the idea of what an influencer is).

Do you think there should be more talk on body image specifically in the creative industry and what do you think is missing when it is in the spotlight?
Though the topic of body confidence is important, to me it’s a topic that should be discussed more between peers and social groups and in a manner of positive messages. Art is subjective and I feel artists and designers should feel free to express however they want when it comes to creating physical forms of the body.

Website: www.elroseabel.com

Instagram: @elroseabel

Email: lisa@elroseabel.com