Could you please introduce yourself and share any hidden talents or something most people wouldn’t know about you?

Hi, I’m Heather! When I’m not painting, I love to cook. 

Where do you see yourself and your art headed in the next few years?

I believe that everybody should have the chance to enjoy fine art. That’s why I create products using my watercolour illustrations so every single person can add colour to their world, whether it’s on the walls in their home or wearing art while they workout. Over the next few years, my plan is to have my art more readily accessible to people throughout Australia and internationally .

What are you working on at the moment? Any big plans coming up?

Currently I am working on a rebrand of my company, Hawk Creative. It’s very exciting, and I can’t wait to launch it to the market later this year!

Have you been met with any challenges as an artist along the way? (Personally or professionally)

I’m so lucky to be able to do what I love as a job. But that can also be really tricky because  it’s your livelihood, and you’re trying to make a living. Sometimes people don’t understand how long it takes to create pieces of art - and it’s hard to be paid for what your time is worth!

What does body confidence mean to you? Is it something you’ve ever struggled with and why?

Body confidence means feeling comfortable in your own skin. Not wanting to be like anyone or anything else. It is a constant challenge for me! It’s very easy to slip into patterns of comparing myself to others. 

Can you please share a little about how you go into creating artwork and how you’d describe your style

Most of my artwork is commissioned by clients, so it is very much directed by the creative brief from them. Once I receive my client’s brief I will interpret it my own way and present mood boards to them before I commence painting.

My style is realistic watercolour art. I love painting nature in all it’s beauty.

What’s your favourite part about your body and why?

My legs! They’re long and strong and can walk me through life with confidence.

What’s your idea of empowerment?

Empowerment means to be able to lift others up. Give them a boost-up in their life so they feel inspired, positive and able to do anything!

What message do you have for those who are struggling with body confidence/self-love/weight or appearance issues? – What’s helped you in the past?

For me what works best is to have a plan in place that you know works. Then stick to it and focus on other parts of your life. For me, I workout with ‘Tracy Anderson’ 4 - 6 times per week. I also eat generally healthy and try to stick to a morning routine of meditation and gratefulness. If I know that I’m doing that (you just get up and do it without even thinking it), then I know that my health is being taken care of and I can spend my energy focusing on work, family etc. My problem was that before I found the Tracy Anderson Method, I was uncertain of what exercise I should do, how often, should I try something else etc. And then when I was constantly questioning that what I was doing was the right thing to do...it’s exhausting! Trust in your journey.

Praise You isn’t just about raising awareness for eating disorders and celebrating body positivity – it’s also shining the light on female support in the creative community, in saying that, what does inclusivity and its importance mean to you?

Being a mother of two and owning my own business, it has been incredible to share my journey with other like-minded women. We’re in it together, we understand the challenges each of us face and we’re here to support each other. I love that every single one of us is unique - we can learn so much from listening to each other.

What inspires your style of art? What are the best ways you've found that have refined your practice?

Practise practise practise! And I often read and watch tutorials to learn new tricks.

Do you have any mantras or words to live by?

I think something I always come back to is ‘just do it’. Life is short and so full of opportunity! Work hard, play hard, and enjoy the people around you.

What advice what you give your 18-year-old self if you could?




What the biggest risk you’ve taken to date? What were the pressure points and was it worth it?

The biggest risk I’ve taken is to go into business with my best friend. Ultimately it didn’t work out but through the experience I learnt so many life lessons both personally and professionally.

What’s been one of your most memorable jobs?

Hands down, painting the children’s book “Penelope’s Playground”. I started the developmental sketches here in Brisbane, but we had a European vacation booked before I landed the job. So I had to paint the book overseas! Most of it was painted in a little lake house outside Vienna in Austria. Then we traveled through Croatia and Italy with a printer / scanner and wifi box in the car so I could continue painting and making amends. It was challenging but also incredible.

How do you keep up your creative momentum? Where do you look to for the drive to create?

Juggling two kids at school - I find I have the opposite problem. Too little time and too much I want to create! I find that drives me to work very efficiently and make quick decisions.

How has your work and practice developed over time?

My work and business is constantly evolving as I grow (and my children grow!!). I’ve learnt that this is one of the most important things in business - TO EVOLVE.

What or who have been some of your main creative influences?

Blainey North. Ceci Johnson. CJ Hendry. Kate Spade. Happy Menocal. Karl Largerfeld. 

Who’s work are you currently loving right now and why?

I’m always impressed and inspired by Pip Spiro. Her work is simply stunning!

Where have been your favourite places to travel and have those places influenced your work?

I absolutely love Italy. And I could live in Paris. And New York. But Europe is my jam. I love the way they live. The culture. The food, wine, scenery. There is beauty at every turn.

As you’ve gotten older – how has your perception of your body and confidence changed?

I think as you get older your priorities change. You also have less time to stress about little things, and therefore you focus on the things that are important to you. Having two children through natural childbirth, I have such great respect for my body and know what it is capable of! 

Website: hawkcreative.com.au

Instagram: @hawk_creative

Email: h@hawkcreative.com.au